Friday, January 24, 2014

Giveaway Time!

What is up for grabs?
- set of 4 personalized boys valentine's
- set of 4 personalized girls valentine's
- 5 8x10 digital prints

Please note all of the items are digital file only 

Rules: - For 1 entry please comment on this post!
       - For 2 additional entries go to my FB page and SHARE away!  Golden Moments Design Facebook

Contest will end on Saturday, January 25th at midnight!

Good luck.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentine's Day Frame Fillers

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! So here are some frame filler for you! Hope you like them :) Just click on the picture and when it opens right click and save. Easy peasy.

Have a fabulous day everyone!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dress up with curtains

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the lack in posting, but life has been busy around here!  And not to slow down anytime soon :)

Today I have a special treat.....a blog swap with the lovely Kathy from Yorkshire Linen Co.  She is sharing some lovely tips on ways to enhance any room with curtains.  Please show her some love and leave a comment if you like what you see.  Enjoy and have a fabulous day everyone!

Are you desperate to add some magic to your décor without breaking the bank? Well, turn your eyes to your curtains and see if that is an area that can be improved or enhanced to give your décor that much-needed polish.

1 Colour Matters
Make sure that your curtains are exactly the right shade for your décor scheme, even if that means that you have to order a batch of swatches before ordering, or even trail around textile shops with a small sample of the correct shade. Nothing upsets a colour scheme more than one element being a couple of shades too dark or light, especially a feature as large as a pair of curtains which can dominate a room. 

2 Drapery Effects
Do not be afraid to use swathes of drapes for effect. These can include swagged pelmets, artfully drapes of fabric arranged on a wall and even large pieces of attractive fabric used of furniture, like a throw. These extravagant swirls and falls of fabric add a sumptuous and luxurious feel to the room and can really offset a careful décor design. 

3 Practicality too!
Curtains and wall hangings came about as an early form of double glazing cum insulation. A heavy fall of fabric effectively traps cold air against chilly glass windows and retains the warmth generated by a radiator or fire within the room, where people are. They also work as sound proofing, keeping unwanted noise out of the home. While every effort should be made to keep the curtains attractive and in line with the visual effects of the décor, the practical uses of curtains and drapes should not be neglected! 

4 Shape Changing Curtains
You can use your curtains to subtly alter the shape of your room, expanding windows and softening harsh lines. To make your windows look bigger without needing to actually call in the builders, you can simply extend your pelmet out over bare wall and hang curtains there to give the impression that the windows are bigger than they look. This is a cheap and easy – and surprisingly effective – trick. For very nice curtains and blinds, my most favorite place to get them from is
Yorkshire Linen Co.

5 Blinds: Venetian or Otherwise
Using venetian blinds in your home is an excellent idea if you or members of your family suffer from seasonal allergies and hay fever. Blinds are easy to wipe clean or even vacuum, and they look great, very neat and compact, which makes them ideal for small rooms that might be easily overpowered by yards and yards of fabric. For venetian blinds, I always shop from
Blinds Uk.

Voila, it’s Voile
For an elegant floating fabric you cannot go wrong with voile. While one panel of voile, stretched across a window is almost completely transparent, many folds of voile, gathered together makes for a superb, lightweight barrier that offers complete privacy. 

7 Never Neglect the Nets!
Having net curtains underneath your fabric drapes is an excellent way to add a layer of privacy between yourselves and the outside world, but it is also an excellent device to add another layer of colour and texture to the room’s décor too. Choose net curtaining with attractive and intricate patterns – you will be surprised how much difference you can make by choosing a slightly more ‘upmarket’ net curtaining as compared to a plainer, cheap-looking one. 

8 Length Matters
Make sure your curtains are tailored to fit the room they are hung in. Bedroom curtains can hand anywhere from an inch or two below the sill to the floor, but formal rooms, such as libraries, studies and dining rooms benefit from having the curtains just touching the floor. The measurements should be so precise that the fabric is sitting on the carpet, yet does not bend or crumple, even a little. This will create a wonderfully polished look that will surely complete your sumptuous and formal décor scheme.

Curtains are one of the more important features in a room, completing the impression begin by the furniture and harmonising with the colour scheme and décor theme. Choose your curtains wisely and you will reap the benefits by having a beautifully put-together and comfortable home.

*All images are a courtesy of Inmagine which is a copy right free image provider.


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